Silikal Resinous Commercial Flooring Systems

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With thirty years of flooring installation experience, Deckade exclusively represents Silikal acrylic resin flooring products. Durable, seamless, and non-porous, Silikal delivers the best value and the highest standard of hygiene in the industry. We are licensed to provide Silikal commercial flooring system installation in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and northern California. 

Silikal resinous flooring installation takes a fraction of the time to install when compared to other flooring options. The Silikal acrylic resin is fast-curing, which means that there will be minimal downtime required for the installation. Our products also last longer than the commonly-used epoxy resins, and that’s why we offer a 5-year guarantee on all Silikal resinous flooring installations. 

We install commercial flooring systems in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and northern California for businesses, such as those in the food service and healthcare industries, that require easily cleaned floors. Installing a commercial flooring system made of a long-lasting acrylic resin with a long warranty will pay for itself! 

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