Silikal Flake Flooring

Silikal® flake blend commercial flooring systems are tough, multi-functional, seamless, and hygienic and offer a pleasing visual appeal to any environment. Hundreds of pre-blended color options and custom combinations are available.


The following information provides an overview of the components of the SILIKAL® 62 Self Leveling Flake flooring system.

Patch Repair with R17

SILIKAL® R 17 mortar is a solvent-free 2-component methacrylic resin mortar with a high compressive and tensile strength. R17 cures within an hour which makes it a critical repair option for companies who work under tight deadlines and requirements to streamline down time.

Moisture Vapor Treatment RE40

SILIKAL® RE40 is a Pore filling, super low viscosity and pressure-water-resistant concrete primer to prevent rising moisture. In environments where water vapor is a challenge, this barrier product provides an additional layer of protection from moisture.

Primer R41

SILIKAL® R 41 primer is used to strengthen and impregnate porous substrates. This product is an integral component of the Silikal flooring systems as it allows our resinous base layer to penetrate the substrate; this provides a layer of adhesion that goes below the surface of your floor.

Membrane RV368

SILIKAL® RV 368 resin is a solvent-free, 2-component methacrylic resin of high impact resistance and low-temperature flexibility. Its highly-molecular structure makes it outstandingly suitable as a coating layer that may be subject to extreme stresses, thermal shock, movement, and vibration. The elasticity of RV368 makes this product particularly useful to fill cracks, coat moveable surfaces, and provide pliability in extreme cold applications.

Base Coat R62 SL

SILIKAL® R 62 SL resin is a medium-viscosity methacrylic resin that is outstandingly suitable for most applications. Visually appealing surfaces and systems can be developed when we use R62 in conjunction with a variety of fillers, pigments or decorative flake.

Top Coat R71 RE

SILIKAL® R 71 resin is a reactive, solvent-free, low-viscosity, chemically resistant, non-yellowing 2-component methacrylic resin that offers superior durability.


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